Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodies for Book Nerds

Today is the longest day of the year—or as some might think of it, the day that offers the most hours in which to read by natural light, be it poolside, sidewalk café-style, or parked on a park bench. In honor of the best day of the year for outdoor reading, here are a few book-themed goodies to brighten your bookshelf, your closet and perhaps even your sense of good-will.

As the summer becomes a little lazier and the pace slows, there may finally be time to revisit or catch up on some of the classics. Rather than dig up to copies from your high-school or college days, check out Anthropologie’s line of colorful reproductions of classic novels. With funky new jackets and built-to-last canvas bindings in bright shades these books are as fun as they are worthwhile. I’m going to start with their edition of Great Expectations. If you go to Anthropologie’s home page and search “books” you’ll find plenty of others.

Also from Anthropologie is this literary wallpaper so delightful it may inspire an impromptu home renovation/redecorating. Giving Shakespearean die-hards a tasteful way to take the devotion to a whole new level, this Midsummer Night’s Dream wallpaper is also made to last—the writing is stitched by hand!

Last but not least, I call your attention to a website I recently stumbled upon. Out of Print Clothing offers soft and stylish t-shirts that feature classic and often out-of-print book jackets. As their mission statement says, “Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art.” The t-shirts are fun, and quite hip-looking, but when I discovered the ethos behind the company I was really hooked. Realizing that not all communities have equal (or any!) access to books, they donate one book to a community in need for every t-shirt sold. Very very cool.

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