Monday, August 16, 2010

Pack Your Bags . . .

Ah, it’s that magical time of the year again: August in book publishing, when our book-lined halls become quiet enough to hear a pin drop, and the email pile-ups thin. Things are so blissfully slow and unharried around here that I’ve had time today to dream up the top five places that the entire book publishing industry should head to en masse for one industry-wide vacation.:

5. Any beach, anywhere. Not exactly publishing related, sure, but is there any place better to read a book?

4. Seattle. Our West coast counterpart city when it comes to books, there are plenty of coffee shops there to duck into with a good book when the rains come, and it would be nice to get a peek at Amazon’s headquarters and see where the online buying magic happens.

3. The place where all of our old manuscripts are recycled, so that we can see first hand that they become something new and aren’t wasted, so we can finally put to rest the guilt we feel every time we print out a five hundred page manuscript!

2. A train tour across the country stopping at the museums that the homes of literary giants of yesteryear have been turned into. (Minnesota for a glimpse of F. Scott’s stomping grounds, up to New England and Dickinson’s Amherst, you get the idea . . . )

1. Off on a nice long sojourn to Sweden, aka Stieg Larsson territory, to read in full his epic Lisbeth Salander /Mikael Blomkvist trilogy on the soil of their origin. It is, after all, the summer of Stieg.

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