Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pack . . . Your . . . Bags . . .

Ah, it’s that magical time of the year again: August in book publishing, when our book-lined halls become quiet enough to hear a pin drop, and the email pile-ups grow burdensomely heavy, impossible to clear from our boxes. That’s right. Despite working two cubicles away from each other, Caroline and I seem to be having entirely different end-of-summer work experiences.

August can be a slow-moving, lazily and delightfully paced month. Or, as bosses leave town and with the mounting spectre of autumn before us, it can be the time of year when we (and, alas, others) look around our cubicles and realize just how much work remains to be done. The proposals that have been neglected. The editorial comments required on manuscripts. The permissions—oh, the permissions!

In between projects both small and large, I’ve taken a few moments to imagine where I should head next. Alas, I’m afraid today left me somewhat poorly equipped to dream of any exotic locales:

5. The bathroom. I’ll pass Katie’s office. Maybe she’ll have cookies? Cookies? Cookies!

No. No cookies.

4. Back to my cubicle. Passing Katie’s office again. Are there cookies yet?

3. The cafeteria. Time for iced coffee.

2. Back to the bathroom. And Katie’s office. And… nope.

1. The snack machines: screw this. I’m getting Mrs. Field’s.


  1. Oooh, I feel so sad for you! My office has INDEED been cookie-empty...but just wait til Friday!!

  2. Yeah, the snack machines are depressing and expensive!