Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video Games for Book Nerds

Yesterday’s Galley Cat post about a hilarious Great Gatsby-inspired 1985-style platformer had me thinking about which other classics I’d most want to see get the Nintendo treatment. Leave your ideas in the comments!

Dead Souls: Instead of gold coins, your character collects the papers of dead serfs.

Portnoy’s Complaint: Instead of gold coins, your character collects pieces of liver.

Moby-Dick: Obvious final boss. Unfortunately, your boat goes under no matter what. (Would make a better arcade game than console game.)

Clarissa: Replay the same failed seduction scene for 1,500+ levels.

100 Years of Solitude: Each player can be a different Buendía. See if you can tell them apart.

Henry James (this works for any of the novels): Play as an American abroad. Nothing happens, and everyone grows increasingly uncomfortable.

Anna Karenina: In the bonus level, you get to harvest wheat.

Infinite Jest: Eschaton!

Disgrace: I would like to see somebody attempt the most depressing video game ever made, in which you helplessly fend off home invasions and euthanize stray dogs.

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